Top 6 Free PDF Readers - Editors Software For 2023


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Portable Document Format (PDF) reading tools allow a document to stay in the same shape no matter what source you use to read or write about it. The PDF reader saves information in an electronic file that can be quickly read, copied, or sent to another source. The best PDF maker for Windows and other operating systems makes saving text, pictures, photos, and graphics easy.

PDF files are easy to open on any computer system and can be easily sent to others as email attachments. The best free PDF reading software has tools for marking, features for working together, a system for converting files, and other ways to make the user experience more pleasant.

How Does the PDF Editor for Windows and Mac Function?

PDF designer software for Windows and other versions has a standard set of tools for recognizing scanned text and changing pictures. The best PDF maker for Windows and other versions can also add notes and comments to papers and fill out forms. Popular PDF tools for Windows also support different file types so you can change pdf files on any computer.

The best PDF editor for Windows or other platforms in 2023

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is among the most popular PDF readers to open and look at PDF files. The best PDF editor for Windows is still the leader in reading PDFs because it was the first company to develop this layout and put it on the market. With Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can read the material in different forms, including video types.

The program is easy to use and offered in multiple languages. With the PDF to Doc Converter tool, you can change the style of a file to one that is easier to use. Documents can also be changed into PowerPoint, RTF, or Excel formats. The Adobe Acrobat PDF reader for Windows can also be used on mobile devices that run versions of Android or iOS.

Microsoft PDF Reader

Microsoft PDF Reader is among the best free PDF readers for Windows. This PDF program has features that make it simple to install and use. It works with Windows and higher. You can look at the instruction guide that comes with the program to learn how it works and how to run it.

The best things about this free PDF software are that you can underline, highlight, strikethrough, and add notes to text. This free PDF Reader is easy to use and keeps the user from having to deal with tools that are hard to understand. This free PDF program lets you quickly add more sheets or fill out and sign papers. The layout is easy to use because it resembles Microsoft Office. It's a great choice for people who don't have much room on their hard drives.

Foxit Software

Foxit PDF reader software for Windows and Mac lets users make PDF files that are easy to read and share. The PDF editing program for Windows has a Doc-to-PDF converter built in, and you can also find an online Excel-to-PDF converter. Foxit is one of the best PDF tools for improving how work gets done.

It turns official and personal papers into neat PDF files to be read and shared quickly and easily. The Microsoft Office-style ribbon menu on Foxit software makes it easy to use and gives you quick information about it. Standard PDF (Acroforms) and XFA (XML Form Architecture) form filling can also be used to fill out current forms.

Gonitro PDF Reader

Gonitro software makes it easier to work online by letting you read and make PDF files quickly and easily. The software makes PDF files and papers that can be read, changed, signed, and kept safe. Gonitro PDF reader and PDF player have a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that lets you turn emails into PDF files.

You can use the moving menu to make it easy to learn the tools for changing and revising. Gonitro also has the benefit of batch processing, making it easy to print and turn multiple documents simultaneously. The "Add Tools" option lets you change how the Home tab looks. It also has a tool to save PDF files to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other places.

Sumatra PDF Reader

Sumatra is the best PDF reader that you can get for free. This free PDF program is small, easy to use, and has a simple layout. This open-source PDF reader can also read EPUB, MOBI, XML, and DjVu files. One of the best things about this free PDF software is that it is movable and doesn't need to be set up specially.

You can quickly load it with a USB drive from the outside. This free PDF maker for Windows and other versions can be taken anywhere and doesn't take up any extra room. The fact that Sumatra PDF is easy to use makes it a great choice for finding, exploring, and storing PDF files.

SmallPDF Reader

SmallPDF is a free PDF converter that lets you turn PDF files into Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files. All you have to do for translation jobs is drag and drop files into the program. With the help of the SmallPDF program, you can join, split, and tear papers. The program also has a tool for compressing PDFs attached to emails. The quality of a compressed file doesn't change, and if you need to, you can also decompress it.