Top 5 Compression Tools for Utilizing with ZIP and RAR Files on Mac


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You might have heard that macOS has a built-in package management tool that you can use to open and make compressed files. Even though it is optimized for macOS and works well with it, it has the fastest speeds.

However, there are times when you need more power over the process. In this case, you'll need third-party file compression apps to make, open, and handle ZIP, RAR, and other compressed file types. We'll talk about the best Mac apps to shrink files.

Archiver 4

Archiver 4 is probably the best third-party app for Mac that lets you shrink files. It has both an easy-to-use design and a lot of functions. It also works well with macOS, which makes it easy to use this app as part of your process.

The app doesn't have any problems with compatibility. You can handle over 30 archive types, such as RAR, ZIP, StuffIt, 7z, and TAR. A specific compression format is called. Archiver is also great for compressing big music files or pictures. Archiver 4's drag-and-drop interface was also great.

You can drag and drop as numerous files as you want and then click Archive to start. You can change the amount of compression in the app, which is helpful when you don't have much room. Archiver 4 is a good choice if you need a balanced file compressor to handle different archive files on a Mac.


WinZip is another great Mac program for compressing files, especially if you just moved from Windows to macOS. Even though "ZIP" is in its name, this compressor can handle many archive files, such as RAR, 7z, JAR, and WAR. In total, the app can handle more than a dozen different types of archive files.

If you have to make a lot of ZIP/RAR files every day, you'll love how easy it is to use. For example, you can drag and drop items from your favorite folders. You can save, email, or share the compact file once you've added the files and folders. WinZip for Mac takes the extra mile when it comes to being able to be changed.

For example, you can encrypt pictures and add a label when you make a collection. There are also ways to change the style of a picture to what you want. And last but not least, the app operates with macOS. WinZip for Mac is the best choice if you want to have the most power and options when making ZIP and RAR files.

BetterZip 5

When you have a lot of archive files to handle, you may need an advanced file compressor. BetterZip 5 is another famous app for macOS. Its best feature is that it can grow with your needs. If all you want to do is open and make ZIP/RAR files, you can do that easily. But BetterZip 5 has much to offer if you need more complicated choices.

This app can make files in 14 different forms, for starters. You can also make sure that archive files work well on a Windows PC by optimizing them. BetterZip has security choices, just like other apps that compress files. On top of that, you get a password manager that takes track of all the passwords you use.

It can also offer passwords for your folder files that are more secure. You can also make settings and filters to speed up the process. BetterZip 5 works well with macOS. You can get to the choices by right-clicking or Control-clicking in the Finder. Overall, it is our go-to way to open and look through ZIP files on a Mac.


Keka is a simple program for compressing files that you can use safely on your Mac. It doesn't carry much room on your Mac but manages archive files well. Keka lives on the macOS dock, which is different from the other applications on this list.

You can drag the files you wish to compress and drop them on the Keka app in the dock. Even though Keka is small, it can make folder files in 14 different forms and easily open even more file types. When you first start Keka, you can choose the preset file, amount of compression, and security.

Using the Preferences panel, you can change how Keka works to suit your needs. You can also add a Finder app to make Keka work better with macOS. Together, Keka has everything it needs to be a good file compression tool for Mac. So, even though Keka comes in a simple package, you can expect it to work well.


iZip for Mac is another program that we'd like to suggest. This app doesn't have the best design, but it works well enough. It can open almost any compressed file you throw at it because it supports many archive file types. Even though the layout isn't great, making an archive file in just a few seconds is nice.

You click an icon, add the files, and you're done. You can turn on more choices, like better compression methods if you need to. The app's web interface is also a little bit faster. You may utilize it to look through the data of ZIP and RAR files that are bigger.

For example, if you possess a ZIP file with many papers, you can look at them before unzipping them. Still, there's a big catch: iZip can only create ZIP files, which is a bummer if you want to share your files with someone who needs WinRAR. But it works with other types when it comes to opening and exporting.