Top 7 Free RAR Extractor Websites in 2023


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Most likely, you'll run into a compressed file at some point. ZIP is a common file that Windows can open independently, but RAR, which is also very popular, usually needs special software. Desktop software makes it easy to open RAR files, but sometimes you don't want to or can't run anything. Online RAR extractors can help.

B1 Online Archiver

This simple website works with dozens of different storage types. To upload a file, click the big blue button and wait for it to upload and separate. Then you'll see a list of all the files in the archive. It's as easy as clicking on one to download it and ignoring the others.

Shortly after you leave, B1 deletes all of your files for you. If you want to eliminate them immediately, you can click the link below the list. It only took a second for our 3 MB test file to upload and become ready for download. It's a great choice because the site is clean and has no annoying ads or pop-ups.

Archive Extractor

Like B1, Archive Extractor works with many different archive types, so it isn't just good for RAR files. In addition to sharing files, this tool lets you import files from Google Drive or Dropbox. It also lets you add files from a web address. After you share and unzip, you can choose to receive any of the files inside.

You can save everything as a ZIP file with Archive Extractor if you want. This lets you keep the information together but in a more standard way. This service has one ad on the page that doesn't get in the way. Its privacy policy says it deletes everything you post 12 hours after you put it there.


This tool doesn't do as much as the others. Only ZIP, RAR, 7Z, and TAR files can be used with it. It lets you upload files up to 200MB in size, and it has more ads than some other sites. But the site promises that all files are deleted within 24 hours. After you choose and share your RAR file, you'll see a list of what you can download. Since the site's privacy policy and information pages haven't been updated in years, it's probably safe to say this site isn't being actively managed anymore.

Convert. Files

This tool lets you change RAR files into forms like ZIP, TAR, and 7Z. But it has a lot of bad things about it. There are a lot of ads on the page, including a video ad, an ad that shows up over the file while it is being converted, and ad links that look like real buttons. Also, it took longer to change files with this than to download them as a ZIP with Archive Extractor.


Most people wouldn't say that opening RAR files is fun, but Funzip makes it at least easy. You can drag files to the site or click to look at one. You can upload and unzip files in almost no time and see a list of all the files inside. But the site doesn't say how long it keeps files, which might make some people nervous.


It is a well-known tool that allows you to change almost any file type to another. When you upload a RAR archive, CloudConvert will let you retrieve the files and change the archive to 7Z, TAR, or ZIP. Unfortunately, the process of extracting only works with ZIP files. It's a well-made tool that lets you add files from a URL or cloud storage and share them.

You can also set up alerts, which is helpful for jobs that take a long time. CloudConvert can also save files that have been changed to your cloud storage. If you don't delete your files, CloudConvert will do it after 24 hours. If you must open RAR files online often, the only problem is that you can only use it a certain number of times daily.


WOBZIP is yet another RAR encoder you can use online. It doesn't stand out except that it didn't work when we tried it. Because of this, we can't tell you to use it.

What is the best online RAR extractor?

After a while, these tools start to look the same. Let's look at the biggest problems with each service:

B1 Online Archiver: There are no big issues.

Archive Extractor: No troubles.

Unzip-online: Probably closed down.

Convert: The files are full of ads and load more slowly than the others.

Funzip: No deleting policy mentioned.

CloudConvert: You can't download the data of a single file with this.

WOBZIP: It didn't work when we tested it.


Even though it has one ad and B1 doesn't, Archive Extractor is better than B1 because it has a few extra features. You can download everything as a ZIP file or get each file separately. You can also load RAR files from a URL or link to a cloud storage account. If you don't like Archive Extractor, you should still give B1 Online Archiver a try. And CloudConvert is an excellent option if you only want to change RAR files to ZIP files.