Top 10 Best Software For Extracting RAR Files


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RAR files are a popular type of folder file. If you don't know how to open a RAR file or just got one, this list could help. All ten RAR readers are easy to use, compress files well, and are either free or cost money, based on your desired features.


As its name suggests, most people use WinZip to open ZIP files. But it can also open RAR, 7z, CAB, and ISO files. With WinZip's easy-to-use interface, you can open RAR files right away. WinZip can open RAR files and other compressed files. It can also secure files using 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption.

Users can also change the size of pictures and add watermarks as an added treat. You may also distribute or save your work immediately by using email, the clipboard, or a cloud-based service like Dropbox or Google Drive. You can use WinZip for free for 21 days after you download it. After the trial time, Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS users only have to pay $29.95.


WinRAR is among the most famous programs for opening archived files. It makes removing files from famous forms like RAR, CAB, 7Z, and ZIP easy. The software also works with both 128-bit and 256-bit AES security. The interface is easy for beginners, and the big buttons make pulling folders a breeze. WinRAR can also handle files with more than one disc.

Check out WinRAR if you want an easy-to-use tool that does more than just open RAR files. You can attempt it for free for 40 days after downloading it. If you decide to buy WinRAR, it costs $29 right now and works on Windows.


PeaZip is a free program that works with the most common archive types, such as 7Z, CAB, and XAR. The layout of PeaZip is also simple to use. Just open the program, look for your RAR file, double-click it to open it, or click the Extract button to put the files somewhere else. PeaZip is a great free tool that you can use to open RAR files and make your own. It's also free and can be used on both Windows and Linux.


7-Zip is the second most popular tool for reading RAR files after WinRAR. This software is easy to use because it has a simple, easy-to-understand layout. 7-Zip is useful because it works with all major package types and lets users recover files from multiple volumes. This free program also has AES security with 256 bits. At the moment, the program is only for Windows. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows can download it.

B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver looks the most up-to-date of the archives listed here. It can compress files in B1 format and more than 20 other popular folder forms. Users can also break up big archives into smaller pieces, protect archives with passwords, and use 256-bit AES encryption. Users can only make B1 and ZIP files, which is the only bad thing. The software is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and all other major systems.

The Unarchiver

Unarchiver has been around for a long time. Probably, if you use a Mac, you've heard of it. The layout is easy to use and has a smooth look. The Unarchiver also works with more archive types than Mac's built-in UnRAR tool. It can read symbols not in the Latin alphabet and is free to use. The Unarchiver also works with file types like XAR, RPM, and Deb that aren't as well known. The Unarchiver can only be used on Macintosh computers.


IZArc is the holy grail of RAR archivers for computers that don't have a lot of power. It has a lot of features and is as light as a flower. The features are on par with big players like WinRAR, and it doesn't slow down your system too much. The layout is simple and has no fancy graphics.

IZArc lets you cover multiple discs, make files that can open themselves, and add notes to an archive. It also has the tools you'd expect from a RAR opener, like zip encryption, virus screening, and the ability to make multi-volume files. At the moment, IZArc is only available for Windows and iOS. So, it doesn't work on a Mac.


Bandizip is another RAR opener with many features that work on both Windows and Mac. It works with all current compression types and has a clean interface to extract files easier. It works with over 30 types, including the famous RAR, RAR5, ZIP, and 7Z. The program is free to use at first, but you can get many extra benefits if you pay for it.

These include, among other things, a folder repairer and a password recovery tool. Bandizip has a password manager built in as a bonus, and there are many good reasons to use one. Bandizip works with both Windows and Mac computers. A license for one person to use the paid version costs $30.


By far, ExtractNow is the smallest piece of saving software. After installation, it uses only 4.4MB of disc space. The basic method is enhanced by a user interface that is easy to understand and use. It works with all major folder types and lets you retrieve several files simultaneously. The UI can also be used in more than one language. ExtractNow can also look for backups in files and instantly open them.

Ashampoo ZIP Free

Ashampoo ZIP Free, which is also very famous, is software that can read RAR files. It has many features and can handle all your storage needs. The tile-based user interface makes it easy to use. The archiver lets people make folders and works with almost all compression types. It also works with 256-bit AES encryption and can fix broken ZIP files. Windows is the only platform that can run Ashampoo ZIP Free. To get the free license key, users must give their email addresses.


But if you have a Mac, you can also check out a different guide about other ways to open RAR files. On an Android phone, it can be hard to extract and open files, but many free and paid apps can help. If you frequently utilize your phone for work, it would be a good thought to get a good RAR exporter.