The Best Way To Use WinRAR To Split Up A Big Archive


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WinRAR is considered one of the best tools for compressing files for many reasons. One of these reasons is that you can use one to split up big files into several smaller ones. This is helpful if you want to send things to other people and make it easy for them to download them. Using WinRAR to split up big files is so simple that it only takes three easy steps. So please sit back and relax while we show you how to decompress big files in three easy steps.

Splitting up big files with WinRAR

You must obtain WinRAR before using its powerful compression and release features. As with all the software we review, we have a link that will take you to the page where you can download the software. All you have to do is select a version of WinRAR that works with your operating system and click "download".

The installation process is so easy that it's almost a crime. All you have to do is accept an end-user license agreement and choose a place on your device's hard drive to install it. WinRAR is paid software, but you can use it for a short time for free to decide if you want to buy it. Now that we've taken care of that little bit of management let's move on to the three easy steps for decompressing big files with WinRAR.

The location, location, location

Once you've gotten WinRAR and found the file you want to split, the first step is to find the file you require to split. Once you've found your file, right-click on it, choose Open With, and then select WinRAR from the list of apps that can open it. To add the file to a new package in WinRAR, go to the menu and click Add. You could also choose Add to Archive from the menu when you right-click.


You should now see a window with the folder's name and settings. Here, you can decide how small each file should be and set any other settings you want for the folder.

First, give your folder a new name. If you don't want to give the new archive a different name, you'll see that WinRAR has already offered one.

Next, go to folder format and decide if you want to save the new folder as a.rar,rar4, file.

Lastly, go to Split to volumes, size, and then choose how big you want each smaller file to be. You can utilize the drop-down menu to choose a setting. Once you've set the necessary settings, click OK, and your folder will be divided up and put in the newly-defined cache.


This last step will happen on the gadget you want to change. Just unzip the zipped file like you normally would, and you'll see that the original has been broken up into smaller files to make it easy to send.

Tip: Save your archive if you want it to work on computers that don't have WinRAR. Only WinRAR can open and extract.rar files, but any archive tool, like 7zip, which is free, can open and files.

Use file reduction to its fullest extent.

Even though you must pay for WinRAR and be accessible to advanced elements like splitting files by volume, it is still one of the best tools for compressing files. WinRAR has been one of the most used tools for compressing and decompressing files since Windows XP was the best. Windows XP is an OS that WinRAR no longer works with.

On the good side, WinRAR has recently been updated quite a bit, which means it works better on Windows 11 than before. When a 20-year-old WinRAR flaw was found that could let third-party threat players take full control of a victim's computer, this update was one of many that the tool went through.

WinRAR software update

As with most software, you must keep it up to date to work well and keep your machine safe. If you don't update your software often, bad things can happen to your computer. WinRAR doesn't have a choice to update automatically, so you'll have to start the process yourself. Let's look at how you can update and check your version.

Step 1: Open WinRAR

You can use Windows 10 or a Mac to open WinRAR.

Step 2: Click 'Help' and then 'About WinRAR.'

Click the "About WinRAR" link in the "Help" drop-down menu.

Step 3: Look over your version

When you click on this, a window will appear with information about your software and its version. Anything older than version 6.01 is old and needs to be changed.

Step 4: Download the newest version of WinRAR

If your version is outdated, you must grab the latest version from a reliable site like Softonic and reinstall it. You should know that WinRAR is not completely free. They offer a free trial version, but once the trial ends, you must buy the full version or look for other extraction software.