Best Income Tax Software for IT, eFiling, and TDS Returns


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A person must make an income tax return (ITR) to pay their income tax (IT). The paper shows that the right amount of income tax has been paid. At the end of each fiscal year, it can be hard and time-consuming to file taxes and tax reports. Even more difficult is that government rules and laws are always changing.

Luckily, e-filing your income taxes with tools for making income tax returns (ITR) can make this job easier and save you time. A lot less work needs to be done by hand, and the chance of making a mistake is low. The program also lets you look at the records whenever you want.

The best free tax software for CPAs and tax experts in 2023

Chartered Accountants (CA) and tax workers can choose from various free and paid IT filing tools. Some of the best free tools for filing ITRs are:


ClearTax income tax software users can send Form 16, and ITR is instantly made. You can add income sources, taxes and change information at preview time. It's web-based so you can use it anywhere and anytime with an internet link.

The app walks you through ITR filing step by step.

Features of ClearTax's Income Tax:

Automatically import tax and income information from the government IT site

Form 16s for many job moves

Save changes and come back to file taxes for more than one year

If there was a mistake, make a new ITR.

Tracking the ITR state

helps a variety of clients and cash sources.

Getting help with e-invoicing

How to figure out and file GST


The free ITR filing program from EZTax can help with e-filing your income tax, preparing your TDS, and keeping track of your GST, among other things. It lets people file their ITRs online on their own. They can also get help from an expert at any point in the ITR e-Filing process.

This income tax filing software allows CPAs and other tax pros to e-file in bulk. The EZTax income tax return program can build a complicated "what-if" situation in real-time to show the present and possible refund after saving suggestions.

Features of EZTax:

The client manager can manage all clients from one screen.

Real-time Tax Calculation

Express Filing taxes based on answers to questions

Automatically reads uploaded Forms 16 and 26AS.

If you change jobs, you can use Tax Optimizer to change your payment information to save money on taxes and increase your return on investment (ROI).

Auditing in a creative way to stop IT complaints in the future

Get a personalized ITR report here


TurboTax ITR filing software free lets people file their taxes based on the questions they answer. It puts all of the information from the W-2 into the right forms. You can still use it even if you don't live in the US but work there. You can also get help from a real person who is an expert. Based on your papers, you are matched with the tax expert who can help you the most. Experts can answer any questions and tell you everything about a return.

Features of TurboTax:

Check everything on a tax return to ensure you don't miss anything.

You can look for 350+ tax credits

Expense estimator

Tax bracket tool

Help with an audit from a tax pro

Documents checklist

Helps find changes to tax credits and discounts

Email proof that taxes have been paid


TaxPoint gives a wide range of services to its users, such as help with tax issues, business advice, and financial advice. When you file your reports, this Indian income tax program fills the spaces with the necessary information.

If you use TaxPoint ITR software to file your taxes, you can immediately move all the information you need for next year's returns. Contracts and other formal information can also be looked at for tax purposes.

Features of TaxPoint:

Bring info from another online tax preparation service

Tax tool

Easy to import W-2 data

Fast money back and prizes

Planning for and paying international and local taxes

GST compliance


TaxSlayer ensures people can get the most money back based on how much they make. Before you e-file, you can check for missing mistakes and information. Users are told when the IRS site takes tax returns after the return has been sent. The software's calculations are always accurate. Integrated bank goods also help clients get their money faster by taking tax preparation fees out of their returns.

Features of TaxSlayer:

Client Portal: Import info from a previous year's tax return from another service

Tax refund tool

Fill in your income and wages

Student loan interest and school costs are paid for by W-2 income.

Compare one year to the next.


TaxAct income tax software works with different types of income, such as retirement, W-2, child tax payments, EIC, and more. Costs for full-time students and people who live with them are also paid. You can fill out both the 1040 and the state return. Paid choices cover more ways to pay costs and make money. You also get a message when the IRS and state are done with your tax forms.

Features of TaxAct:

Import return from the year before Import W-2 data

Personalized TaxPlan for ways to get a bigger refund

Maximizer of deductions

Use the ProTips service to get a better tax return.

Can calculate depreciation

IRS tracking of refunds

Gen Income Tax Software

Gen Income Tax Software lets you upload reports straight for e-filing. You can figure out how much income tax, self-assessment tax, advance tax, and interest you owe. Gen IT has a lot of different rules, such as chapter VIA penalties, setoff losses, delays, and more. You can file Forms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 online. The information about losses, KVP, and NSC is immediately carried over from one year to the next.

Features of General Income Tax Software

It is automatically making a return form.

Import data from any tax program that uses the XML format.

The IT department's online service makes it easy to share MIS records like the state of ongoing returns, refunds, etc.

Changes to your PAN and online submissions

Reverse tax tool

MAT/AMT math problems

IT portal linking

Interest calculation

Chartered Club

Club Set Up by CA Karan Batra is where people can book a meeting and get help filling their ITR. You can talk about your case by phone or in person. Once you send in the required papers, you will get a draught of how much tax you owe. The main goal is to lower your tax bill. If you say yes, your ITR will be sent in. NRIs can also get a TDS license if they want to.

Features of Chartered Club:

Includes types of income such as pay, rent, interest, and stock gains.

Tax advice before filing Tax calculations review before filing Tax advice all year.


The work should guide the choice of tools. If the tools you need are in free software, you might want to go with that. It would assist if you learned how to use all its features to get the most out of your chosen software. It will stop bad things from happening.

The ITR forms for the tax year 2021-2022 have been changed the most. Before filing their income tax return, everyone must understand what the new form needs. Be careful when filling out your forms to prevent getting into trouble or breaking the law.