8 Free Online Tools For Unzipping Files


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Don't worry if you get a ZIP file and don't understand what to do with it. ZIP files are easy to open; many online services can do it quickly and easily. You just need to go to one of these websites, like the ones on this list, and follow the directions.

You won't have to wait long to perceive what's in that ZIP file. Unzip Online is the first thing on this list. Unzip Online is a wonderful place to start if you want to find a free online file unzipper that can handle both small and big ZIP files. To use Unzip Online, drag and drop your file onto the website.

You can also choose to use folder browsing to upload the file if you want to. From there, it will take Unzip Online a few seconds to open your file. You'll be able to see what's inside the ZIP file once it's done. From there, you can download any files in the ZIP by clicking on them. Perfect for when you need to sort a file fast.

123Apps Archive Extractor

Next, we have the 123Apps data exporter. This live web service lets you open many zipped files, like 7z, RAR, and more. This includes ZIP files, of course. Upload an archive from Google Drive, Dropbox, or a URL to get started. You can drag and drop a file or use folder browsing to add a file. Once you open your package, you can choose any papers to download separately.


If you don't know what's inside your ZIP file and don't want to download anything you don't have to, ezyZip might be just what you need. With ezyZip, you can easily and quickly open any ZIP file with just a few clicks. You can share your files using folder browsing, Dropbox, or drag-and-drop.

Once you do that, ezyZip is one of the fastest online free unzippers. Even better, ezyZip lets you download your data and look at them first. This only helps with certain file types, like TXT documents, but if you have a large ZIP file full of documents and don't know which one you want to download, this can be very helpful.


Files2Zip.com is an excellent spot to go for a quick and easy answer. The design is easy to use, and unzipping a file doesn't take too long. If you require to know how to open ZIP files on a Mac, this could be a good way to do it.

You can send your file to Files2Zip.com by dragging and dropping it or going through the folders. Files2Zip.com doesn't have a sample or anything else, but it does have a tool for zipping files, which is interesting. This lets you post a folder to the site and download it as a zip file, which could be useful.


Unzip-online.com comes next on this list. Unzip-Online.com is an obligation-free online service that makes it easy and quick to uncompress files. To start using this tool, you must send your file. You can perform this by dragging and dropping or by going through folders. The site can handle ZIP files and RAR, 7z, and TAR files.

From there, it's easy to see what's inside the ZIP file, and all you have to do to download one or more items is click on one or more of them. Unzip-Online.com does have an upper file size limit of 200 MB, which is something to keep in mind. However, this is bigger than most ZIP files, so it's not too much of a limit.

ZIP File Extractor: Counting Characters

The ZIP file exporter from Counting Codes is a good choice because it does everything on one page. This could be a good option if you can't figure out a way to open ZIP files on Android. You can use folder navigation or drag and drop to add files, but once you do, Counting Characters will swiftly open the archive to show you what's inside without leaving the page. From there, you can download any of the papers in the files. It's a small improvement to the quality of life, but it's still valued.

Aspose ZIP Extract

The next tool is the Aspose ZIP converter. Aspose might be what you're looking for if you want a ZIP extractor that you can send to from different places or a ZIP extractor supplied with a couple of extra tools. You can send files to the Aspose ZIP encoder from Dropbox and OneDrive by navigating folders and dragging and dropping.

The encoder itself is pretty slow, and it doesn't tell you the file names of the files until you attempt to obtain them, which can be annoying. Aspose has several other tools, such as combining ZIP files, opening passwords, and converting files.

ExtendsClass Unzip Online

Last but not least, we have the online zip converter from ExtendsClass. This also works with RAR and TAR files; you don't have to sign up or establish anything. All in all, the tool for unzipping is pretty easy to use. To share your ZIP package, all you have done is drag and drop it or use folder navigation.


As you can see, there are many free online tools you can use to help you open ZIP files. They make it easy to learn how to open a folder. Of course, if you want to do things more difficulty, there are a lot of tools and ways to get your files out of a zip file.